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on September 8, 2011


Jen: Someone told me I need a browser on my computer. Could you install one please?
Roy: You don’t have a browser on your computer…? What is that sound? Is that coming from your laptop? It’s not supposed to sound… What the…?! What’s all that crap? Look at all this stuff! I haven’t seen that one since the ’90s! Jen, I have to fix this.
Jen: No, no, leave it! I have it how I like it!
Roy: How you like it?! No, no, no, Jen, it’s infected! If this was a human being, I’d shoot it in the face!
Jen: I just want you to install a browser.
Roy: That’s the browser there! Look at it… that’s the browser. Internet Explorer is a browser! Behind the picture of the lady. The lady’s not supposed to be there.
Jen: She’s only there sometimes. But what about that, the E… But that’s the button for the internet, Roy. I don’t…
Roy: The button for the internet?! Jesus Christ!
Jen: Oh, shut up! I’m not a stupid geeky geek.
Roy: Jen, you don’t need to be a geek to know that you need a browser to access the internet!
Jen: Yes, because as soon as you know something like that, it pushes out something important and before you know it, you’re painting little figurines from Lord of The Rings.

The IT Crowd 4×05 Bad Boys

i know people like this


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