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Chris Evans visits the Children’s Hospital in Boston. He took part in an activity with patients and later visited kids who weren’t able to come down to the hospital’s playroom – December 29, 2011.

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prom dress


Timeless Vixen Vintage

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Clearly Steve Jobs’ lasting legacy … He created a bunch of assholes. 


Click here for more put upon first world children bemoaning their lack of a White iPhone Christmas.


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I find I must avoid tumblr until I’ve watched the Doctor Who Christmas special. No spoilers for me. This will prove to be tough.

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Hat and Mitten Sugar Cookies

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Got a super gift for Christmas,despite a sad day.

I’ve been watching World’s Dumbest for the past 2 days. Tonight “Criminals”. Fantastic!

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Christmas Log Cake [Udine – 20 December 2010] (by Doc. Ing.)

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Steve, drawn in PS

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Smith: “I am very happy to stay”

Responding to Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill’s departure from Doctor Who, Matt Smith has reassured fans that he’s not planning on leaving any time soon.

Smith said on The Graham Norton Show: “I am very happy to stay. I love it and love making the show.”

Smith added he will miss Gillan but the show must go on: “I’ll miss Karen because she’s my best mate. She’s mad as a box of cats but she’s a firecracker!”

Adding: “There comes a time when a story reaches its conclusion and the essence of the show is that it constantly reinvents itself”

The interview will air this weekend on the Christmas edition of The Graham Norton Show.

i hadn’t acknowledged she’d left till this moment. my husband will be devastated. 

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I have bronchitis. At least I don’t have a highly contagious virus. that would be the other adult in the house. 

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