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Hello world!

I’m using this space as a place to keep record of all my projects that I work on. Most of the things that I do are crochet based, however I recently took up sewing and plan at some point to try knitting again and who knows what else.

Crafting provides me with some stress relief and I thought that it was about time that I started to keep a log of my projects.

I’ve worked on a number of things over the years.  I’ve worked on a number of things over the years and mainly focusing on scarves when I started, but I’ve since done some baby blankets and some amigurumi (I still have a lot to learn in that arena) and am building the courage to work on articles of clothing.  Mainly boleros and maybe try a hand at some sweaters or cardigans. If I can conquer those, I want to try my hand at lace crochet.  I may try to do both at the same time, separate projects, but we will see.  I am currently really into sewing, well at least reading up about what patterns to do, but I found that finding things that I want to work on is harder than the actual doing.  That and I don’t feel like I have enough space.

I also mentioned that I wanted to start up knitting.  I could at one point of my life knit.  My grandmother used to do it and she showed me, but it seems as though I have completely lost my confidence, doesn’t matter how many books or instructions I look at or YouTube videos,  I just don’t seem to get it.  Honestly most of the time I think that I am just over thinking it, so when I feel as though I’ve talked myself off the cliff, I will get back to relearning it.
With all that said, I hope that this is the start of a great blog… and I hope that I get to meet new people with similar interests. I have another blog that I haven’t been that great about maintaining and I am going to try and keep both active. The other will focus mainly on my weightloss goal and my many other interests, tv, famous men; Zac Levi, Chris Evans etc and my love of Korean pop stars, mainly 2 (Jang Geun Suk and Park Yoochun). Maybe I will catch you there one day.

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