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Snow man… well almost

I decided at the very last minute that I was going to make a snowman for my husband. This is the almost finished result.

It’s missing coal buttons and a mouth. I may even redo the scarf, since it doesn’t really go, even though I really like it.  He of course also needs a mouth.  I love that hat.  Wish I could find an adult pattern, although I don’t know if I would truthfully be brave enough to wear it.

the almost snow man...

the almost snow man…

As I don’t imagine that I will be getting back on here anytime soon, I wish anyone who pops on by a Merry Christmas!

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It’s Time to Clap!

I’ve been absent for a while, busy working on a bunch of different projects.  While I am still working through them, yes there are two;  I did finish one of them.

Below is a picture.  It worked up very quickly which was great, because cross stitch patterns can get tiring, if you aren’t patient.  Which I am not.  I am really happy with it, and gifted it to my boss.  A strange gift I know, but I thought that it was pretty funny.

Can't all be Princesses

Can’t all be Princesses

This guy has some pretty funny and fun cross stitch patterns.  I want to buy a ton more and plan to after the new year.




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#coffee #ihop (at IHOP)

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