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NBA’s Jason Collins Becomes First Active Player To Come Out, Explains Why Boston Bombings Inspired Him

Good for him!

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Zachary Levi Tosses Hoarder Mom Because He Can’t Stand Her Bad Habit!

I have a hard time believing this one…

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Shop The Look

So sharp and so handsome

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Iron Man 3 (2013)

The picture is just priceless

“You don’t really want to work it out… you want to be fooled.”


Iron Man 3 is an American superhero film centred on the Marvel character Iron Man. When his world is torn apart by a terrorist, Tony Stark must find those responsible and find retribution. With John Favreau away from the directors chair, Shane Black attempts to rekindle the charming and the charismatic Robert Downey Jr. we all saw in the first installment. My first thought after the film (during the ridiculously long credits waiting for a very pointless end credit sequence) was that lacked a strong plot, character depth and a decent villain. The film for me was just a film about nothing. This was supposed to be a film about Iron Man, but it turned out to be about Tony Stark. As they referenced back to The Avengers a lot, it made no attempt to move a long the universe as it should have. The only savior of the film was it’s ability…

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‘Iron Man 3’ Opens to Massive $195.3 Million Overseas, Bigger Than ‘Avengers’

Such a good sign. I can’t wait to see this.

106.7 WTLC

Marvel Studios and Disney’s Iron Man 3 has blasted into the stratosphere overseas, opening to $195.3 million from 42 markets to beat last year’s global blockbuster The Avengers, which debuted to $185.1 million internationally.

Box office observers agree that Iron Man 3 is playing more like a sequel to last summer’s The Avengers — which featured a myriad of Marvel superheroes, including Downey’s Iron Man — than a follow-up to Iron Man 2, which posted a foreign opening of roughly $100 million in 2010.

Iron Man 3 broke a slew of records, scoring the biggest weekend ever in Argentina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. It also scored the top Marvel opening in another raft of markets.

Teaming Robert Downey Jr. with franchise newcomer, director Shane Black, Iron Man 3 opened at the international box office ahead of its May 3 North American launch, as Iron Man…

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Jang Geuk Suk’s new japanese album!

I’m ready! Wis that it was releasing here in the US.

Kpop7Seven Your #1 stop for Kpop News

Jang Geuk Suk's new japanese album!

Singer and actor Jang Geun Suk will be releasing his second album in Japan.

According to Japanese music chart Oricon on April 11, Jang Geun Suk will release the new album ‘Nature Boy’ on May 29. It is exactly one year since he release his previous album ‘Just Crazy’ in May last year which swept the first spot on daily and weekly music charts in the country.

Jang Geun Suk is set to show a different color this time around with the new album ‘Nature Boy’. The new album will be released in two formats; CD and DVD and will contain Jang Geun Seuk’s self-composed Korean song “Love Letter”.

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Jang Geun Suk struggles with his upcoming TOEIC

Kpop7Seven Your #1 stop for Kpop News

Jang Geun Suk struggles with his upcoming TOEIC

Like a normal student, actor Jang Geun Suk is struggling for the TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication).

On April 27, he shared a couple of photos on his Twitter and wrote, “Tomorrow is my first exam, and I had my first tutor today. I looked at the questions, and they are just word tricks. Can’t I just take a more difficult Korean exam instead of TOEIC?”

Netizens commented, “Even Jang Geun Suk takes TOEIC”, “I really don’t know why we have to take TOEIC” and “I wish there was a Korean language test besides the TOEIC.”

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Want to Hold On to a Memory? Make a Fist

I would be holding my fist all day long…

Health & Family

Getting a grip — literally — by clenching your right fist before remembering information and your left when you want to remember it can boost your recall, according to the latest study.

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I just unlocked the Superfan sticker on GetGlue

266865 others have also unlocked the Superfan sticker on GetGlue.com

You’re a Superfan! That’s a like and 15 check-ins!

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I just unlocked the Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Coming Soon sticker on GetGlue

20153 others have also unlocked the Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Coming Soon sticker on GetGlue.com

Tony Stark faces his toughest challenge yet. Will he be able to withstand the Mandarin? Find out. Iron Man 3 opens in theaters on 5/3. Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at Disney.

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