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Knitting – Stockinette Stitch

I was able to make some progress with my stitches.  I found out that I’ve been looking at this all wrong the entire time.  That said I now understand this knit one, purl one business.

…and for anyone that didn’t know this, the following abismal looking stitch is called the stockinette stitch.  One side knit the other side purl


I’ve decided in my desire to learn how to knit that my approach will change from my usual learning technique.  That is I will be using a book that I purchased eons ago and go through each pattern/stitch type and practice them all.  There is a lot, but I think it’s the right move for me.  More pictures of that to come.  I’ll probably have some real doosies too, so be on the look out if not for a laugh.

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When I was a younger my grandmother taught me how to knit. It wasn’t something that I kept up with unregrettably as I’ve decided that it’s something that I want to get into again. So far not so great.


when knitting goes horribly wrong

This does not mean that I am deterred. It just means that I have lots of practicing to do. Boy do I mean a lot.

So watching this space because I do plan to conquer this! If I can crochet I figure I can learn this (along with the sewing I’m teaching myself too).

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