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Snow man… well almost

I decided at the very last minute that I was going to make a snowman for my husband. This is the almost finished result.

It’s missing coal buttons and a mouth. I may even redo the scarf, since it doesn’t really go, even though I really like it.  He of course also needs a mouth.  I love that hat.  Wish I could find an adult pattern, although I don’t know if I would truthfully be brave enough to wear it.

the almost snow man...

the almost snow man…

As I don’t imagine that I will be getting back on here anytime soon, I wish anyone who pops on by a Merry Christmas!

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Knitting – Stockinette Stitch

I was able to make some progress with my stitches.  I found out that I’ve been looking at this all wrong the entire time.  That said I now understand this knit one, purl one business.

…and for anyone that didn’t know this, the following abismal looking stitch is called the stockinette stitch.  One side knit the other side purl


I’ve decided in my desire to learn how to knit that my approach will change from my usual learning technique.  That is I will be using a book that I purchased eons ago and go through each pattern/stitch type and practice them all.  There is a lot, but I think it’s the right move for me.  More pictures of that to come.  I’ll probably have some real doosies too, so be on the look out if not for a laugh.

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Pumpkin pincushion

Another pattern that I picked up from ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crocheted-pumpkin-pincushion.

This is an extremely easy pincushion and lovely little pumpkin to crochet together. I made this particular one for my husband and will be making another for one of my nieces. I have other color yarn that I plan to use for a couple that I plan to use for decorations for work. The ones that I am making for myself are more rustic.

I want to make a turkey next to gear up for Thanksgiving and am on the look out for a pattern that I like. I’ve been searching around Ravelry as well as Craftsy and have seen a couple that peek my interest. Ideally I like a free pattern because I can at least read it immediately to determine if I think I can do it. I will of course pay for a pattern also, if I think it’s something that I am looking for.
Well I am off to make another pumpkin and somewhere in there I am going to squeeze in some yoga.

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